Topical Finasteride Foam with Anagain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

This medication works by decreasing the amount of a natural body hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Decreasing DHT leads to increased hair regrowth and slower hair loss. Hair growth on other parts of the body is not affected by finasteride.

Start your treatment when you first notice thinning and miniaturization of your hair. Once DHT has shrunken your hair follicle to where it does not function anymore, it is harder to bring back hair when already gone. The sooner you start with the formula, the more effective the treatment may be and the more hair you can maintain.

Upon first application the medication will begin to work to reduce serum scalp DHT levels. Cosmetic changes for a majority of people are first seen in 4-6 months, and improvements can continue over 12-18 months.

Our actuators are metered pumps of either 0.5/0.7ml per pump. Apply 1 pump onto finger tips and massage into the Crown area of your hair while spreading it over your scalp, then repeat again with ½ to 1 pump and massage into the frontal scalp and mid scalp area.

After the foam has been massaged into the scalp you may continue styling your hair with products as desired.

Once daily application is recommended. The best time to apply the formula is the evening/night time.

Typically 100ml can last up to 3 months of use.

Male pattern Baldness is a genetic condition that is caused by a genetic sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This treatment will help prevent this hormone from damaging your hair follicles as long as you use it to preserve hair follicle life cycles. If you decide to stop treatment, please be aware that DHT may again start attacking your hair again and it is possible to lose any regrowth that may have resulted through the treatment. There is a chance you will return to baseline prior to treatment. If you allow that pattern to continue, it may result in full balding.

AnaGain™ is used for stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss. Based on sprouts of organic pea, AnaGain™ reduces hair loss by inducing dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth. AnaGain™ was shown, thanks to DNA microarray analysis of plucked hair follicles, to activate, in the dermal papilla, specific signal molecules which are required to initiate the growth of a new hair. By reactivating hair growth, AnaGain™ helps the hairs to keep their original density and thickness. Applications include anti-hair loss and hair-regrowth formulations, anti-aging hair care products, and can be used in tonics, serums, conditioners, masks, and shampoos.

Results will vary depending on the stage of your hair loss according to the Norwood Scale of hair loss (shown below). Typically, people at Norwood Scale 2-3 can see the most cosmetic improvement and stabilization in hair loss. Norwood 4 to 6 will also benefit from the topical formula. Other medication such as minoxidil will be recommended to help aid in better results with finasteride for Norwoods 5 to 6. This is why it is encouraged that people act fast once they start to notice initial hair loss.

other scenarios commonly asked questions.

Scenario 1: Oral finasteride patients who wants to switch to topical
Can I switch my treatment from oral finasteride to the topical finasteride formula?
We perform a cross taper with the topical formula to ensure a lower chance of shedding. The patient will continue oral finasteride and slowly taper off over the following 3-4 weeks while concurrently using the topical formula. Once the tapering course has finished, you will continue using the topical formula only.

You may notice an initial shedding of weak hair over the first few weeks when first starting the finasteride formula. This is a good sign. It indicates that your hair follicles are positively responding to the topical formula and is making way for stronger hair follicles upon the next growth cycle. It’s important to note that not all first time users will experience a shedding phase. Following the initial phase you will typically notice cosmetic differences within 4-6 months.

Through the published studies available where finasteride was used topically, it has been shown at least equivalently effective when compared with the results of the oral administration of finasteride. However, the major thing to note is the topical finasteride showed very reduced occurances of negative side effects due to lower systemic absorption.

No this is not a liposomal formula. To avoid certain barriers such as being cosmetically unpleasing or being difficult to apply to the scalp through the hair, we chose to use an easy dissolving foam solution.

Yes. There have been studies done on the safety of topical finasteride.

Study 1: This study showed that topically applied finasteride did not affect serum testosterone levels, meaning that systemic effects of 5 alpha reductase inhibition was less than when taken finasteride was taken orally, where typically serum testosterone increases due to systemic effects of finasteride on 5-alpha reductase.

Study 2: In this study, a systematic review of the literature available showed that the safety and effectiveness of topical finasteride is evident and, although no commercial product is available, there is very good potential for topical finasteride to be a 1st line of therapy to combat male pattern baldness

Study 1: Finasteride 0.25%
Study 2:

Yes, however, we encourage you to follow the developed treatment plan and protocol.

We are always battling time and genetics and, over some time, some people may experience an acceleration of hair loss. In these situations, we either increase the concentration of finasteride, add an adjunct agent such as minoxidil, tretinoin, spironolactone or progesterone.

Topical finasteride has shown to be most effective on the crown and vertex. If treatment is started early enough, it can help slow down or stop the progression of a receding hairline.

Minoxidil causes hair follicle dependency and, if you were to stop your treatment, you might lose all minoxidil dependent hair within 6 to 9 months. In this situation, we would specially compound for you a Finasteride formula with the addition of Minoxidil (e.g Finasteride 0.1% with Minoxidil 5%-8%)

An example of a typical progressive treatment plan

Step 1

Start Topical Finasteride 0.1%

Step 2:

Increase Topical Finasteride to 0.25%

Step 3:

Add Minoxidil 5% with tretinoin 0.01%

Step 4:

Add spironolactone 0.025% and or progesterone 0.025%

There is always new research being performed to solve the problem of hair loss and balding. We hope to see new breakthroughs in this area of research and development which, we hope, will one day lead to a cure.

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